Selborne Primary School

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Financial Information


The government collects school financial information so that school finances can be analysed and compared.  Key financial information, including financial benchmarking to compare Selborne's finances with other schools, can be found by clicking the link below. The information in the link below is based on data sets for Selborne Primary School but does not include context, this is provided below. 

Selborne School is a large, oversubscribed inner London primary school with 660 children on roll.  It has also a 21 place ARP (Additional Resource Provision) for children with Autism, Social Communication difficulties and complex learning difficulties. 

Selborne contract out many of its services for example, cleaning, catering, property management, grounds maintenance ensuring best value and value for money.  Furthermore, teaching assistants linked to children with special educational needs are often recruited from professional agencies as it is difficult to recruit a permanent member of staff to a role that may cease when the child leaves the school.  This skews the Pupil to Adult Ratio as only teaching assistants employed directly by the school are included in this calculation. 

In terms of our Senior Leadership Team (SLT), some of the SLT teach in class for 50% of the time and this is not reflected in the data used for comparision. 

 Please click here to view our school on the Financial Benchmarking Service

 Please click here to view further statutory pay information