Star of the Week

This term's focus is RESILIENCE.

1 Ash

Lena for working really hard on her reading and writing.

1 Oak

Amelia for developing her independence and having a 'can do' attitude.

2 Ash

Fahd for always trying his hardest even if he finds something tricky.

2 Beech

Reyansh for never giving up and trying his best in Maths.

2 Oak

Wrdelful for trying her best when learning multiplication.

3 Ash

Whole class for showing resilience when preparing for their assembly.

3 Beech

Christopher for being resilient when planning and writing his Big Write all week.

3 Oak

Eliona for showing resilience in Maths when overcoming new challenges.

4 Ash

Jason for showing a 'have a go' attitude in all lessons.

4 Beech

 Aiyana for trying her hardest to constantly improve her handwriting.

4 Oak

Caner for developing a resilient attitude while learning English.

5 Ash

Mariam for working hard to draft and then improve her writing.

5 Beech

Jumanah for showing resilience in her English diary writing.

5 Oak

Keira for constantly having the courage to continue without easily giving up.

6 Ash

Carla for always working on improving her work and editing her writing.

6 Oak

Jafar for working hard in Maths.

P. E.

Eyman (6 Oak) for showing great resilience during cross country club.


Mila (3 Beech) for an amazing artwork showing perspective and for using charcoal brilliantly.